Optimize your chargepoints
Empower electric drivers.

Driving an electric car is an amazing experience, and it should be worry-free. We provide you with the tools to make charging effortless for both individual EV drivers and entire fleets, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable electric driving experience.

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Powerful suite of tools

Plugz is the perfect solution for businesses, residential properties, and other property owners who have limited space or energy supply for multiple charging points. With Plugz, you can:

  1. Maximize the use of charging points for multiple users.
  2. Optimize investments: Higher utilization ensures a greater return on past and future investments in charging infrastructure.
  3. Encourage electric mobility for both private and business users.


Experience the benefits of Plugz for effective and efficient EV charging management!

We’ve designed our software to be highly compatible, allowing seamless integration with any third-party software. This means that the charging station software doesn’t necessarily have to be provided by us, offering flexibility and adaptability to suit your needs.


Tailored to different industries. Explore what Plugz can do for your industry.

Some of our clients

We love to give our innovations to our clients and optimize there charge infrastructure to the max.

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Haal het maximale uit je laadnetwerk met Plugz!

White label solutions for web and mobile

We offer our customers the option to use a white-label app, ensuring an optimal customer experience for end users.

The app is customizable with colors, logos, and additional functionalities that match the desired corporate identity. Through our enterprise program, we can even collaborate with clients to develop extra features tailored to their specific needs. Enhance your brand identity with Plugz’s versatile white-label app!

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Here u can find our different products and services we have at Plugz.

About Plugz

At Plugz, we understand the growing need for reliable and efficient electric vehicle charging.

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Bij Plugz begrijpen we de groeiende behoefte aan betrouwbaar en efficiënt opladen van elektrische voertuigen.

Hertogstraat 131
6511 RZ Nijmegen,

0031 24 23 40 017