Book now, charge later.

Smart reservation of
charging stations 

Plugz ensures that EV driver can continue their journeys without hassle.
Do you already have a reservation?

Smart Queuing

Reserve your favorite charging point even when it is occupied. Plugz smart queue management will send out notifications when the charge point becomes available and immediately places a personal reservation on your behalf for the next coming minutes

Calendar Booking

Reserve your favorite charging point in the near future. Plugz agenda booking enables you to reserve a charge station for a specific day and time in advance.

Direct Booking

Reserve your favorite charging point in the area. Plugz direct booking enables you to find the best charge point for your vechile in the area and place a peronal charge reservation for the next time period, ensuring your charge on arrival.
Plugz helps u out

Why use Plugz?

Plugz is the solution for corporate, housing and other property owners that do not have the (future) space or energy supply to accommodate multiple charging points and want to:

Maximize the use of charge points for multiple users.
Optimize investments: higher utilization ensures greater return on past and future investments in charging infrastructure.
Stimulate electric mobility for private and business users.

Plugged in electric car in at a EV charging station
Man Charging Electric Vehicle Paying For Energy With Credit Card At Charging Station
Car power charger in woman hand. Power supply for recharging of electric or EV car
who is using plugz?

Some of the business where Plugz is doing its magic

Plugz is the solution for corporate, housing and other property owners that do not have the (future) space or energy supply to accommodate multiple charging points



How Plugz is already deployed
with our customers?


give your visitors the option
to make a reservation


give your employees/customers the option
to make reservations


Give more flexibility to your customers with
the option to reserve


Provide more flexibility for parking lot
charging station users


Making the best use of the charging stations at your VVE property

With the smart reservation of charging stations, Plugz ensures that EV drivers can continue their journeys without hassle

OUR packages

Business solutions


€ 9.50

per month
per connector


Plugz white label app
Email & chat support
Direct booking ( user)
Smart Queing ( user)
Standard user push notifications


€ 7.50

per month per connector
+ € 245,- per venue


All from basis +
Calendar booking
Variable user push notifications
User black/ white listing
Public portal API
Multi site management


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All from basic and Advanced +
Multi site management
Public mobile app API
Charge session control ( start/stop )

With the white label app from Plugz, you can let your customers/employees make optimal use of your charging stations.

Optimized for the user

Use of our white label app.

We give our customers the option of using the white label app to create an optimal customer experience for the end users.

The app is customizable with colors, logo and some other functionalities to the corporate identity in which it is desired. Within the enterprise program we can even develop additional functionalities in collaboration with the client.

Electric car EV plugged in outside house clean energy
Headless solution

Seamless integration
with your software

We have developed our software in a way that it can be integrated with any third party software. This means that the software on the charging station does NOT need to come from us,

Frequently asked questions

Charging stations, like microsoft with a laptop, have software to provide services. We currently have partnerships with the largest suppliers.

We are currently working hard to connect and open up public charging stations for reservation as well. Our software is ready for this and the first discussions are already underway. We expect to be able to reserve the first public charging stations in mid-2023.

But of course, we like to show what we can do. By pressing the button at the top for a demo request we will contact you directly for a date.