17 juni 2022

‘Charge anxiety’ is the new ‘range anxiety’

Car buyers see the necessary obstacles when it comes to electric driving. Up until now, range anxiety has been the main thing. However, the range of EVs is steadily increasing. A range of over 400 km is no longer an exception. As a result, range anxiety is slowly but surely diminishing. In its place, however, comes a new fear: EV charging anxiety. This is the conclusion Autovista draws based on the questions consumers ask.

Charge anxiety

So concerns about range are now giving way to concerns about charging. For many people it is not clear what the possibilities are. This results in confusion and uncertainty, which could be called ‘fear of charging’ or ‘charging stress’.

Potential buyers have many questions about the charging process, ease of use and charging time. The range is immediately visible and is well communicated. However, the ins and outs on charging is a little more complicated. When it comes to recharging times, a full for example, there is sometimes talk of recharging from 0 to 80%, sometimes from 0 to 100%, sometimes from 20 to 80% and sometimes again from 10 to 100%. Also the different charging options (one phase/three phases, AC/DC) are not clear to everyone. Such issues create confusion among consumers. And confusion can therefore cause charging stress or anxiety. Can you imagine people lying awake not knowing if the car will be full tomorrow morning?

Fortunately, there is a cure for this affliction of affluence. In fact, Autovista proposes to standardize charging times. If everyone is consistent in this, charging times will soon be as easy to compare as the range. For the rest, it will only be a matter of time before the average consumer knows how things work.

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