Optimaliseer uw logistieke EV operatie met Plugz

Efficiënt beheer van laadstations en slimme routeplanning voor elektrische bedrijfsvoertuigen

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Waarom Plugz de oplossing is voor logistieke organisaties

Verbeter de laadefficiëntie, bespaar kosten en ondersteun duurzaamheid in uw logistieke operatie

Ervaar het gemak van Plugz, een innovatieve oplossing die speciaal is ontworpen om te voldoen aan de behoeften van logistieke organisaties met elektrische bedrijfsvoertuigen. Met Plugz kan je de laadinfrastructuur efficiënt beheren, kosten besparen en tegelijkertijd de planning en uitvoering van je logistieke processen optimaliseren.

Plugz biedt een gebruiksvriendelijke app waarmee logistieke planners en chauffeurs op afstand oplaadpunten kunnen reserveren, slimme wachtrijen kunnen gebruiken en de meest efficiënte routeplanning kunnen bepalen. Zo worden de elektrische bedrijfswagens optimaal ingezet, wat leidt tot meer productiviteit en personeelstevredenheid.

Fulfillment optimization with Plugz

Plugz enables you to improve the fulfillment of your logistics processes by providing precise information on the remaining route and charging status of your electric commercial vehicles. These insights enable you to optimally deploy your vans, leading to better performance, faster deliveries and satisfied customers.

Sustainability and cost savings for your logistics organization

Plugz helps you accelerate the transition to electric mobility and achieve your sustainability goals. At the same time, Plugz allows you to reduce your operational costs through more efficient use of your existing charging infrastructure and better deployment of your electric fleet. By optimizing your charging stations and routes, you can save costs on energy consumption and maintenance while reducing your CO2 emissions.

Real-time data and insights for better fleet management

Plugz collects real-time data on charging station usage and route information from your electric company vehicles. This information provides valuable insights that can help you plan future investments in charging infrastructure, better understand the needs of your logistics processes and optimize the efficiency of your fleet.

Plugz: Your partner for a sustainable and efficient logistics organization

With Plugz as your partner, you can transform your logistics operation, making a significant contribution to the transition to electric mobility and achieving your sustainability goals. Our innovative solution provides an efficient and seamless charging experience for your electric commercial vehicles, leading to increased productivity and a greener logistics operation.

Clear communication to deliverers/drivers

Imagine a system where each driver knows exactly which charging station is reserved for them. With Plugz, we make this a reality by automatically assigning and unlocking the designated charging station for each driver. This means no more confusion or wasted time searching for an available charger.

But we don’t stop there. Plugz also takes into account the specific charging needs of each driver, such as the required charging duration for a subsequent route. By providing tailored charging recommendations, we help your drivers optimize their time and ensure they’re always ready for the next journey.

Full control of charging logistic infrastructure

As a decision-maker within the logistics industry, you know firsthand how crucial it is to meet delivery deadlines and maintain efficient operations. This is especially true when it comes to managing an electric vehicle fleet, where factors like range and charging times play a critical role in ensuring timely deliveries and smooth routes.

That’s where Plugz comes in. We’ve developed a user-friendly platform specifically designed to address the unique needs of logistics companies. Our system not only streamlines communication about essential information like vehicle range and route planning but also integrates seamlessly with your existing systems to provide a holistic solution for your fleet management.

  1. Electric vehicle fleet management platform
  2. Streamlines communication on vehicle range, route planning
  3. Integrates with existing systems for holistic fleet management
  4. Real-time access to data for informed decision-making
  5. Efficient resource allocation and charging station access
  6. Strategic investment for competitive edge in EV logistics

Choose Plugz and embrace the future of logistics. Contact us to learn how our platform can enhance your business efficiency.

Book a charging station direct or in advance

In the world of logistics, every minute counts, and ensuring your drivers can efficiently charge their electric vehicles on the road is crucial. That’s where Plugz comes in, providing a personalized solution designed to meet the unique needs of your logistics operations.

Imagine a system that automatically reserves charging stations on the road, saving valuable time for your drivers and maximizing their route efficiency. Plugz does precisely that by analyzing the route and finding the best charging station that meets your vehicle’s needs. With our platform, you can be confident that your drivers won’t have to waste time waiting for an available charger.

By choosing Plugz for your logistics operations, you’re not only enhancing your drivers’ charging experience but also optimizing your overall operations. Our platform is specifically designed to help you stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicle logistics.

Don’t wait to experience the difference Plugz can make in your operations. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our platform can help you streamline your fleet management, improve route efficiency, and enhance the overall performance of your business. Together, let’s pave the way towards a more efficient and sustainable future in logistics.

Plugz smart data

As someone involved in logistics, you know how important it is to have a clear understanding of your fleet’s status when managing multiple vans on the road and working multiple shifts. You need to know which vans are available for follow-up routes, how long they might need to charge, and where they are located. All of this is essential for maximizing charging optimization and ensuring smooth operations.

That’s where Plugz comes in. We’ve designed our platform with you in mind, focusing on providing a personalized and efficient solution for managing your electric vehicle fleet. Our system gives you real-time insights into the status of each van, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your charging process.

Imagine having all the information you need at your fingertips, allowing you to allocate resources effectively and ensure your vans are always charged and ready for the next route. With Plugz, you can achieve just that. Our platform not only streamlines communication and provides crucial data but also helps you maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicle logistics.

By choosing Plugz for your logistics operations, you’re investing in a solution that understands your needs and supports you every step of the way. Don’t wait to experience the difference Plugz can make in your operations. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our platform can help you optimize your fleet management and enhance the overall efficiency of your business.

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