Sustainable and smart charging
within hospitality

In the leisure industry, a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach is of great importance. Electric driving plays a crucial role in this. Plugz offers smart and efficient charging solutions for recreational parks, hotels, resorts, and other leisure destinations. Discover how Plugz can contribute to a greener future and a seamless experience for your visitors and customers.

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Hospitality and sustainability

Offer your visitors the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles during their stay. This shows that your business is committed to sustainability and the environment.

Smart queuing and driver communication

Plugz’s smart queuing system enables efficient use of charging stations by allowing drivers to join a virtual waiting list. This encourages communication among drivers and ensures a more streamlined charging experience for everyone.

Optimized charging management

With Plugz, you can optimize the use of your charging infrastructure and ensure that all visitors have access to the charging points. This contributes to a smooth and worry-free experience for your guests.

Attractive location for EV drivers

A well-organized and optimized charging network makes your location more attractive to electric vehicle drivers. This can boost the number of visitors and potential revenue.

Energy management and cost savings

Plugz helps you manage and optimize your energy consumption, allowing you to save costs and use available energy more efficiently.

White-label solutions

Create a personalized and seamless experience for your visitors with Plugz’s white-label app. Customize the app with your branding and logo, and add extra features specific to your industry.

Integration with existing systems

Plugz is compatible with existing software and can easily be integrated with your current booking and payment systems.

Begin a seamless EV charging integration.

Plugz is a perfect partner for businesses in the leisure industry looking to invest in sustainable and efficient charging solutions. With Plugz, you can optimize your charging infrastructure, provide a better experience for your visitors, and contribute to a greener future. Are you ready to experience the benefits of Plugz in your leisure business? Contact us today!

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