Chargepoint organisation and optimization for your employees

Efficient management of charging stations and smooth charging experience for your employees

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Why Plugz is the ideal solution for businesses

Improve charging capacity, reduce costs and promote sustainability within your business

Plugz is an innovative solution designed to help companies efficiently manage their charging infrastructure and promote a seamless charging experience for employees with electric vehicles. Take advantage of the many benefits of Plugz and make the transition to sustainable mobility even more attractive for your team.

Plugz’s smart reservation system and advanced smart queue feature allows your employees to reserve charging stations remotely and gain accurate insight into the availability of charging stations. This ensures fair distribution of charging capacity and reduces frustration and stress in the workplace.

No more loading anxiety, but loading security

Experience peace of mind while charging your electric vehicles at the office with Plugz, a personalized solution for multi-tenant workplaces. Eliminate charging anxiety and focus on your work, knowing your vehicle will be ready for your next trip.

Plugz provides charging security by managing and allocating stations, ensuring a spot for everyone. This streamlined process fosters cooperation and harmony, enhancing your working environment.

Choose Plugz and build a better charging experience for you and your colleagues. Contact us to learn how Plugz can eliminate anxiety and boost efficiency in your office. 

Full control of charging infrastructure

As a decision-maker in a multi-tenant office, providing an efficient and fair charging solution for employees with electric vehicles is crucial. You need a system that tailors charging station use to your organization and employees’ needs.

Plugz offers a personalized charging platform, enabling control over your office’s charging resources by setting parameters like maximum charging hours and kW power per employee or organization-wide.

With Plugz, ensure everyone has charging access aligned with your organization’s goals, fostering a harmonious work environment and boosting employee efficiency and productivity.

Experience seamless management of your office’s charging resources with Plugz, where employees can charge without frustration or conflicts.

Book a charging station direct or in advance

Looking to secure a charging spot for your car at the office? Reserve your charging session in advance*, or if a charging station is entirely free, you can book it within a 15-minute window before your session starts.

Communicating when a car is fully charged

Plugz has a user-friendly system that automatically sends a notification to drivers whose cars are fully charged, requesting them to move their vehicle to make room for others waiting in the queue.

Once a car is disconnected, our system promptly notifies the next person in line about the available charging station. To ensure a seamless experience, the charging station is then exclusively reserved using the individual’s unique charge card number.

Plugz smart data

Plugz intelligently analyzes transaction data from a specified period, calculating the optimal utilization ratio, and promptly communicates with users when it’s time to move their vehicle, allowing the next person in line to charge their car.

Some of our clients

We love to give our innovations to our clients and optimize there charge infrastructure to the max.

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