Smart queuing
And charging

If the charging station you want to use is currently occupied, don’t worry! With our smart queuing feature, you can reserve and secure the charging point. You’ll receive a push notification as soon as it becomes available.

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Stop worrying and get updated when available

When you arrive and find all the charging stations occupied, simply open the Plugz app and join the Smart Queue.

As soon as a charging point becomes available, you’ll receive an automatic notification, and the station will be reserved exclusively for you, based on your charge card number, for a predetermined time set by the station owner.

With confidence, you can connect your EV to the assigned charging station and recharge your vehicle.

Communicating when a car is fully charged

Plugz sends automated notifications to drivers whose cars are fully charged, requesting that they move their vehicles to make room for others in the queue.

Once a car is disconnected, we promptly notify the next person in line about the available charging station. To ensure a seamless experience, the charging station is exclusively reserved using the individual’s unique charge card number.

Plugz smart data

Plugz smartly analyzes transaction data over a specified period to calculate the optimal utilization ratio, and then timely communicates with users when it’s time to move their vehicles so the next person in line can charge their car.

This might result in a car not being fully charged, but having enough kWh to ensure a subsequent trip without any issues.

Say goodbye to situations where cars are left plugged in at the charging station from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, despite being fully charged by noon.

Some of our clients

We love to give our innovations to our clients and optimize there charge infrastructure to the max.

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