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Large increase in number of electric car charging points in the Netherlands

The number of public charging points increased by more than 30 percent in the Netherlands last year. The Netherlands had more than 85,000 charging points at the end of last year. Amsterdam has the most charging points: motorists…

Electric car owner will soon have to pay less for parking

Municipalities may charge lower parking fees for electric cars starting next year. Parking permits for electric cars may also be made cheaper. This was announced by State Secretary Vivianne Heijnen (Infrastructure and Water Management). With this, the cabinet…

Car not charging is also parking: parking tax aftercharge justified

An electric car connected to a public charging station is parking whether it is charging or not. That's what the Supreme Court ruled in a case where a man was trying to get out from under a parking…

We where attending EPA in Brussels.

On September 12,13 and 14, we attended the EPA event in Brussels. This year's theme stood for :The 2022 Congress theme is “The EU Green Deal and the Future of Parking – Integrated solutions for Dynamic Urban Management” and…

5 tips to prevent range anxiety

Range anxiety: the fear of not reaching your final destination. As a brand new owner of an electric car you will most likely not be able to escape it. While we can easily cover 500 kilometers with fuel…

‘Charge anxiety’ is the new ‘range anxiety’

Car buyers see the necessary obstacles when it comes to electric driving. Up until now, range anxiety has been the main thing. However, the range of EVs is steadily increasing. A range of over 400 km is no…