Pricing and

Are u desperately in need for some extra KW hours in your car to continue driving. With our direct booking option, we see which charging stations are available, reserve them and you can charge with certainty.

Park & Charge Basic

Perfect for single sites that need to
organize users for multiple charge points.

€ 9,50
month per charge point ( ex. VAT )

Up to 50 charge users
Up to 10 charge connectors

Park & Charge Advanced

Optimal for company fleets and larger sites, associations and companies.

€ 245,00 / month per site
€ 9,50/ month per charge connector(ex . VAT)

Up to 500 charge users
Up to 250 charge connectors

Enterprise / fleet

Best for large scale and multi sites solutions and complete tech integration

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API integration add on for Park and Charge Enterprise

Software development service for tailor made tech integration i.c.w Plugz enterprise license

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hourly-project based( ex. VAT)

Some of our clients

We love to give our innovations to our clients and optimize there charge infrastructure to the max.

Our Solutions

Here u can find our different products and services we have at Plugz.

About Plugz

At Plugz, we understand the growing need for reliable and efficient electric vehicle charging.

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6511 RZ Nijmegen,
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Hier vindt u onze verschillende producten en diensten van Plugz.

Over Plugz

Bij Plugz begrijpen we de groeiende behoefte aan betrouwbaar en efficiënt opladen van elektrische voertuigen.

Hertogstraat 131
6511 RZ Nijmegen,
0031 24 23 40 017